Wooden GameCube

(Michael Ribovich) #1

Sitting here today I looked over at my GameCube and an idea came to mind for a project, not just any project, the biggest project I’ve ever attempted. My ultimate goal, which will be met by an means necessary, is to completely replace the plastic housing of my GameCube with a wooden case. This project is going to be difficult and long and has a lot of complex issues to work out. I hope I find many people to help me in this forum. I have a shapeoko 3 and the goal is to make a replica of the plastic housing inside and out , all out of differenT woods. I just need some help as to where to start and how to approach this

(Jerry Gray) #2

I guess I would start by taking the case off, and drawing it out, like unfolded paper, and recording all the details’ placement and sizes.
Probably a lot of slots and screw holes, and thinking about how to make in pieces to re assemble.
It would be easier to make an outer case, but not near as cool.

(Michael Ribovich) #3

That’s a good idea. Thanks! But I’m hoping to be able to use my school’s 3d scanner to get the dimensions. If not that will help

(Scott Conant) #4

Another option might be Autodesk Remake