1/2" square end mill .25 Shank needed

Has anyone found this type of end mill. i can find a router ball end mill.
looking to shorten machining time for adaptive passes.

There are some router bits which have that profile on a 1/4" shank — not sure if they plunge cut or no.

There’s also a 3/8" collet available for the Makita: https://www.makitatools.com/products/details/763619-3

Amana Tools:

Clearing Router Bits (Amana Tool)

3/4”-19.05mm Straight Plunge

45251: 300" IPM @ 18,000 RPM / Chip Load Per Tooth: 0.0087" / Depth Per Pass: 1/2"

1”-25.4mm Straight Plunge

45236 35" IPM @ 18,000 RPM / Chip Load Per Tooth: 0.0010" / Depth Per Pass: 1/2"

1/2”-12.7mm Straight Plunge

45245 230" IPM @ 18,000 RPM / Chip Load Per Tooth: 0.0066" / Depth Per Pass: 1/2"

edit: 45251 to 45251-01!

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[quote=“Tem, post:3, topic:14085”]
Amana Tools
these are all .5" shank im looking for .25" shank

Oh no! Mine are all .25" shank. At least that is on my order from a year ago. Maybe, some info is missing or they changed their SKUs? Sorry, for any confusion. They did make them, at least, I have 1/2" - 3/4" - 1" in my shop.

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See the cutters that Tem is showing for $100, I buy them from BangGood.com for $5 to $10, and I’ve had great luck with them lasting months.

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would you mind sharing a link to the ones you’ve had luck with?

The stock comes and goes…meaning the cutter’s I purchased have been sold out but here is something I’d buy:

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When I purchased them they weren’t nearly that expensive. Bangood offers a much better price I see, thanks!
Are those from Bangood also carbide?

Yes they are carbide. FYI: I purchased metric collets and use their 6, 4, and 2mm carbide end mills. Great tool life…$2 to $4 each…can’t go wrong with them.

Did a package of candy come with the bangood order?

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