1/32" Bits > 3-4mm -- Recommendations?

Looking at what is available through Carbide3D and various vendors on Amazon, it seems that most of the available 1/32" bits are 4mm or shorter with regard to depth of cut. Are there any bits that are 6-8mm that anyone could recommend and link to as a reference?

The need here is for tool caddy’s. For [sewing] needles and smaller etching tools, I need them to fit in the wood fairly snug. I can achieve 4mm pocket depth with the current 1/32" bits, though I need to go a few mm’s further.

I have considered pocketing a shank-size entry hole and then using that to go further, though it’s not as clean as a single pocket hole.

Thanks in advance!

Drillman1 has these 0.0310" drill bits that have an ~10mm drilling depth and a 1/8" (3.175mm) shank.

To drill deeper, I have milled a 1/8" channel for the deeper holes when the drill bit I wanted to use could not cut that deep. I think it came out nice, but it depends on the look you are going for as to whether it will work for you.

EDIT: Or, if you are looking for an endmill, and don’t mind going up to a 0.0315" diameter, these bits have a 6.5mm cutting length.

EDIT 2: I have these bits in their “regular length”, “XL” length and “XXL” length, and the only times I break them is running them too fast, or running them through wood with a big difference in hardness between the growth rings. They are fine in bamboo since it is very homogeneous.


Thank you, @MadHatter

I picked up a set of each. I’m mainly cutting hardwood, though some woods are definitely pretty tough to cut though (wenge, for example).

Would you be able to share what your speed/feed/doc numbers for those bits?

I am a terrible CNC operator when it comes to CNC feeds and speeds. I will run an operation and watch it and go “that looks too fast.” or “That looks too slow.” But when I am running the regular length 0.0315" bits, I usually run them at no more than 1.5x diameter for DOC, and 25IPM. For the XXL 0.0315" bits, it’s more like the diameter for DOC and 15-20IPM. These may be very conservative, but I am not in a hurry, and I run most of my tool paths much slower than most others would.

@MadHatter I truly appreciate the details and the recommendation. I ended up picking up 10 drill bits and 5 endmills, and then ordered another 20 endmills since stock levels from the seller were a bit low and I wanted to make sure I had enough on hand given the amount of use they are getting.

They’ve been working perfectly on hardwood and resin, allowing for both the small, deep pockets and pockets that clear the material, allowing for a really nice matte finish with minimal sanding (speaking to resin)

I landed on the following:

  • Feed Rate: 600 mm/min
  • Stepover: 20%
  • RPM: 18,000
  • Depth of Cut: 0.250 mm
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