1/32 settings on 1/4 Luann

Cutting 1/4 Luann plywood with 1/32 bit what should I put my settings at?

What has your research suggested your feeds and speeds should be?

GWizard is spitting out .0001 cut depth at 8ipm to avoid deflection.

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Just from all I have read I should divide size in half .032/2=.016? And that is all I have come up with so far. The stock carbide setting is .004 this would take forever just to
Cut out 6x6 initials.

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A .032" endmill is very, very small, and can only be made to go so quickly. A .01" DOC sounds pretty reasonable, given the size. If the Letters are 6" x 6", you could cut with a far larger diameter mill and still get very clean lettering. Is there a reason you want/need to use such a fine mill?

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It is more of a monogram for letters and the simulation shows that is the largest Ivan do without eating the testers awy

You might try roughing with something larger - it’ll take a lot less time if you can clear things out first.

Well… Definitely don’t eat any testers. That wouldn’t be good.

What @mikep said. I’ve used 1/32 end mills a fair amount (but in maple, not in luan) and don’t usually have trouble with them. That’s after roughing with 1/8 and a finish with 1/16. Then I re-finish with 1/32. Feeds and speeds I keep the same; I just change depth of cut and, if applicable, stepover. Yesterday, however I was in a hurry and against my better judgment I jumped straight to 1/32–broke two end mills due to my impatience. Just my experience…

I will take a pic of what I am doing and load up the file
And see what y’all think?