1.5 or 2.2 spindle

I have been slowly making upgrades to my shapeoko xxl. I have the hdz and have also purchased carbides 80mm mount. I’m now running often and bearings aren’t holding up in carbide router so i’m ready to upgrade to a spindle. Probably going to order from gpenny as that seems to be were most suggest. Just cant decide if I should go with 1.5kw or 2.2Kw. I know I will never use all the power of either. Is there any advantages of one over the other besides power? Any advantages of ER20 collet over ER16 or even ER11?

The only real advantage I’ve seen is the max size of the collets, I can get 1/2 inch and 13mm cutters into the ER20 on the 2.2kW, as well as full sized edge finders (spindle VFD can run at 1,200RPM for this), even proper Haimer probes will fit.

There’s some good cheap options for cutters in the 1/2" range too as these are high volume items for kitchen fitters etc.

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what would you recommend for cooling? I would rather have a closed system on a reliable pump

cw-3000 water “chiller” is what you seek, all over amazon, its an all in one cooling system including temp readout and low flow alarm. they are avail in 110 v and 220v i suggest you match your vfd input voltage so you can control them both from a single switch

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Like Ryan says, the CW3000s are a nice packaged solution, my cobbled together tank and pump is a pain in the butt.

Those look like a nice setup. A lot to choose from though. Do you run water (tap or distilled) in yours or some type of antifreeze?

There was a discussion about that recently;

My shop is heated but if we have a power outage heating the shop is not a priority, so I run Rv antifreeze in mine. Gives me a link color and freeze protection.

Didn’t want to go auto anti freeze because it’s messy when spilled and I deal with it all day long at work. Otherwise a Honda antifreeze would give you your blue. And it’s pre diluted.

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