1/8 cutters - suppliers in uk

Hi, can anyone recommend a good supplier in uk for 1/8 flat/ball end cutters with short delivery time. Thanks

I’m not in the UK but stumbled across these guys. The tools I was looking for were metric though.

Probably easier to get some metric collets for the Nomad so that you have a better range to choose from.

In addition to cutwel I’ve used;

https://www.arceurotrade.co.uk/ (don’t buy their collet nuts, they’re not rated for high speed)

But there’s a shortage of imperial units there

I’ve used amazon, but found the ones at https://www.shop-apt.co.uk/ to be better quality.

If you buy a 4mm collet, you’ll have a good choice of end mill sizes with 4mm shanks or 1/8" shanks from that site.

EDIT: shop-apt.co.uk usually dispatch within the hour and you have the items through your letterbox next morning.

Thanks, what’s the largest cutter you would use in the nomad? Would you go to 4mm or 5mm dia for aluminium?

I’ve cut with 6mm but I’ve found them much harder to use. 3mm is much easier.

I agree with Lucas… 3mm is probably the biggest I’d use for Aluminium.

In my own findings, a 2mm bit also cuts really well - quiet and clean - but obviously not when pocketing.

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