1) x-carve on carbide create. 2)updated CC

  1. It’s been awhile since I signed up for Carbide Create and I have an X-carve. I’ve been using Easel and II’m ready to change to CC. I have V-Carve desk top but can’t figure it out. since I can cut approximately up to 29 x 29 or a little more on the X-Carve, will I be able to cut up to that size on CC. I don’t remember which machine I chose when I signed up but I don’t think any go up to that size.
  2. If I’m going to install the free CC Pro should I update the current CC first or will that be taken care of when I install the free CC Pro? Or is it motion?

Carbide Create is free. Carbide Create Pro has a free year trial. (design programs)
Carbide Motion is the driver to move the CNC.
Shapeoko 3 XXL has a work area of 32x32.

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You can pick the Shapeoko XXL in CC but the work area is not limited at all in CC, no matter what machine you pick. Selecting a machine just shows the default table size as a reference, not a limitation.

When you export code though, you should pick the GRBL post processor because I think that Easel might be more limited in what gcode it accepts compared to Carbide Motion.


Rob, I have a Shark Pro HD. I was about to buy the Vetric Desktop so I could run both my Shapeoko and the Shark. The Shark does not have any CAD/CAM software like CC. I got the Pro license and in the Post Processor I will try the Basic G-Code since their controller is propriety and not GRBL. Without having tried it do you think it will work?

I suspect the GRBL post will work. If you get any errors, let us know and we’ll see if we need to create a new Shark post processor. (Which can be added without rebuilding the program now)


Can posts be user modified? Can new posts be added?

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Yes they can be added and they’re programmable via javascript. Once we’re sure they’re stable and the API is not likely to change, we’ll share the code for the ones that come built-in. (Did you not see the empty “posts” directory in the user data directory just waiting for posts to be added? :wink:)


does the post processor get to see all lines of gcode?
or does it just get to inject pieces at start/stop/etc

It generates all of the gcode for the output.

excellent… sounds like it’s possible then to do “dynamic F&S” inside a post processor

time to dust of the javascript book


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