10" 1/2 HP Bench Drill Press w/Laser Guide

I purchased this drill press today from FBM for $50. I think it is a good deal, especially

it looks brand new. I also got it with 23 different bits, from drilling bits to sanding cylinders.


I’ve been using Craftsman 2/3 HP one in my small business for many years and it works great. I mostly drill plastic parts but have drilled tens of thousands of holes with it. Actually I bought the Carbide 3D Nomad to lighten my drilling load on the plastic parts and so I use it a lot less these days.

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It is nice to get a new tool. I used a benchtop Ryobi with a laser for many years. Sometimes I found that was not enough capacity but mostly was just right. I found a Steel City Floor Standing Drill Press with a 6 inch through. I was able to sell the Ryobi on craigslist for almost what I had paid for it. The Steel City does not have a laser and I miss that feature. I could buy an aftermarket one but have not yet.

I recommend you build a nice table and fence system for your drill press. The table with T-Track makes it very useful at clamping down things so they do not move. There are some really good plans or you can just buy a nice commercial one. Just make sure you can replace the center so after you chew it up you can renew the top and keep on drilling.

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Read this as 10 1/2 hp drill press and got waaaay too excited :sweat_smile:

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