#102-Z Feeds and Speeds for aluminum 5052

Using the Dewalt router. I found a good sweet spot for the #201-Z (.25" flat) endmill but seem to struggle with this little 1/8" guy. Anyone have suggestions of speed of spindle, and feedrates?

The 5xxx series of alloys is tough to machine — I’d be grateful if you’d share your feed and speed values for it for the 1/4".

For the 1/8", the usual suggestion is shallower and faster.

That said, we do have an entry for it: https://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/Materials#5052

500mm/min, .3mm per pass with a 1 flute 1/8 carbide endmill, at speed 3 on a DW611


So for my 1/4 #201-Z cutting aluminum I found I dont even need to use roughing passes anymore with the following settings:

Dewalt Spindle 17500 RPM (setting 1.5)
DOC: .010
Feedrate: 40ipm
Plungerate 3.5ipm

I never have to use lubricant with the 1/4". My latest attempt with the 1/8" #102-Z I had to lube it slightly but I found it worked fairly well at these settings:

Dewalt Spindle: 16000 RPM (setting 1)
DOC: .010
Feedrate: 20ipm
Plungerate: 3.5

The main difference is prior I was not using lubrication when using the 1/8" endmill but it seemed to work just much better with it. I am actually quite happy with this because upon examining the cut it looks as amazing as I have been able to acheive with my 1/4" bit which saves me a ton of time in deburring.