11 Inch Easel 1/4" Plywood

I made an easel to hold a sign. The easel was made with .211" Birch Plywood. I used an 1/8" down cut bit from Grizzly and it cut very cleanly. I just used the #102 1/8" bit in the tool path. I have not yet added a custom tool for the down cut bit. If you use the file be sure to modify it for your thickness. I also use bottom of material so change that if you prefer the top of material. Using the bottom of the material leaves the spoilboard pristine with no cut through. The material was 12"x12". I will likely paint it purple for the SFA Colors.

I had one minor problem. When the left hand part of the easel started cutting I noticed it was cutting deeper than expected. The corner of the material was not all the way down. Since I had it clamped I just pushed it down and the carve went as planned. I could have used painters tape and super glue but since it is a foot square that would take a lot of tape and super glue. Just check all 4 corners before starting the job.

If you use thicker material the slot in the parts will need to be modified to match the thickness of your material. I made it big enough for a 1/4" plywood but plywood is seldom 1/4" thick.

11_inch_easel.c2d (108 KB)


Anyone notice a blast from the past? The Oops clamps. How many of you still use those? The Oops clamps got sold to oneinfinity with the Suckit dust boot.

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I still use them.

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