110v VFD control help

Can anyone help with where I am supposed to put the PWM and GND wire on this particular VFD board to control the spindle in Carbide Motion? I’ve seen pictures of other boards, but can’t seem to find this particular one.

Also, any additional help on what you think I need to get this up and running is much appreciated.

I do have the spindle installed and it all works, via control of the VFD, just want to start and stop it with CM. Thanks in advance. Hopefully the picture loaded.

Most probably: PWM to “VI1” and GND to GND, and then change the settings in your VFD to pick up the RPM source from VI1 instead of the VFD front knob.

But to be sure, we would need to check the manual, what VFD model is it ?


I’ve got the PWM on the FWD and the GND on the XGND. Turns on, but won’t let me control it, other than the RPM.

I’ll try your method, and see how it goes. I’m new to the VFD, so I am sure I’ll bumble through it.

There’s a few people with, and threads about, the YL620A. I have one of these running my spindle.

The thread here talks about it.

The FWD needs to be hardwired to XGND to make the spindle run forwards by default.

Speed control is done using VI1 and GND, but this particular VFD does not accept PWM. It only accepts an analogue signal. You need a PWM to 0-10V board to convert the ShapeOko PWM to an analogue signal, such as this.

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Thanks, found the thread after looking a little harder. got it all up and running. Thanks for the help