15w laser spindle mount plus power supply mount

Picked this laser up several months ago, finally got around to making a magnetic mount for it.


Drew up a semi circular clamp (inspired by @Luke) and three mounting plates in F360. Printed the clamp in PETG, 100% infill, plates also PETG, 30% infill. 12 6mm magnets for the laser and 8 for the power supply.

Will share the files after I clean them up a bit.


Yey, I love it when people pull inspiration from my designs.

Because the wiring on these cheap lazes is so easy I have been thinking about making a all in one box and just running 1 cable. I did one print of this 6 months ago but promptly forgot about it till now.

What do you think?

Send me a pic. Please

I hope to see some vids of this laser in action. Please keep us updated as the price is right