17in Y axis cut Shapeoko 3 XL

I always thought my 3 XL had a maximum Y axis cut of 16 in. At least this is what the specs were saying. Well today I was pleasantly surprised!
I cut a 16.75 in long rectangle in plywood on my Y axis.
The rectangle was placed 1/8 in from my toolpath 0 and it was an outside cut! So it actually traveled very close to 17 in!
I added another 3/4 in spoil board over my existing spoil board and I was able to utilize the extra Y axis travel but I thought I would still be limited to 16 in.
I needed to cut some 16.75 in x21 in speaker baffles for a customer and now I can do it!
Necessity is the mother of invention along with some luck LOL!



Great that you figured it out but why did you not just rotate the project 90 degrees. The XL has a 32" cutting width.

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Hi Guy. The baffle was actually 20in wide for my 1x12 speaker cabs so I needed the extra width of the x axis for that cut. I used the shorter y axis for the 16.75in cut.
I think down the road I may get a bigger machine just to make these large cuts easier to setup but for now it works great!



I have a SO3 XXL and I have used the full capacity a few times. It is an old saying:

“Better have it and not need it rather than need it and not have it.”

Some day I may sell the SO3 and buy the 4x4 SO5. However the SO3 XXL meets my every need right now but I can dream. Due to my cheap nature the SO 6,7 or 8 may out when I get ready.

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I use the option to cut off the front of the machine to stand things on end/side and v-carve in to the side of them where the part would otherwise be too tall to fit under the spindle. Very useful.

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