1970 Blazer parts

I am restoring a 70 k5 blazer and I’ve come across a part that I need. Believe it or not no one reproduces or sells this part. Originally it was made out of plastic but I might try to make it out of aluminum.

I’ve only been working in 2d so far with my SO3.

Any suggestions on how to make this:

Right now I’m thinking I will need a flip jig - I would appreciate any advice you can share that will help me make these efficiently.

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Just thinking out loud…

A flip jig should work if you position the cylinder feature vertically. You’d need a cutter with a flute long enough to get to the underside of that dome, though.

Two other possibilities would be:
-Make it in two parts out of plastic and then bond them together (cylinder + “dome”)
-Machine a two part mold and cast or injection mold it

Interesting project, to be sure.

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Make a mold with a core and start selling them!

First you will need to model it in 3D, then create a toolpath.

Laying it on its side as shown in your pic is probably the baest way to machine it, but a few more angles would help.

I love the 67-72 c10. Its hard to pick a favorite year.

A few tests in Renshape to check the fit and your ready to go into production.

I use Rhino for 3d modeling.

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Thanks for the advice guys.

I like all the 67-72 Chevy trucks too but my hands down favorite is the k5 blazers. Full convertible truck with a back seat - hard not to like. Hope mine will look kinda like this 1 day.

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This is the area that got me thinking that milling it as two parts would be the way to go:

You’d need a seriously small cutter to minimize that interior radius. That goes for pretty much any angle you cut it from, as far as I can tell from the provided photo.

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I would prototype a few out of alumunim. If there was a big enough demand, an online place like Emachineshop can make the mold from your part file and take care of the injection molding as well.

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