1st 3D Carving CC Pro

Ran the 3D Carve for Challenge #7 this weekend.

I added an advanced V-Carve on the end to do the Proverbs lettering and clear the final 1/8 inch around the Swords & Shield.


A few issues:

  1. I stretched the carve over 3 days, finishing up this morning with the Advance V-Carve. I did not reset zero, assuming Carbide still knew where my origin was. The Advanced V-Carve was shifted left by approximately 1/4 inch! You can see in the photos, it left a .25" border on the right side and about 1/8 inch on top. Also, there is up to a 1/4 inch border around the sword and shield on the left side.

Any suggestions on root cause greatly appreciated.

Sword and Shield.c2d (3.8 MB)


  1. Choice of wood: I used a 16x12 one inch thick piece of mahogany. Looked straight when I started but noticed over time, my holding tape was giving out. So, the hole in the bottom left corner is a counter sunk screw. Board was warped and the thinner it became, the more pronounced the warp. It eventually pulled away from the waste board and I had to insert the emergency fix. (Feel free to reply with the BEST clamp suggestions for 3D carving. I have not tried the super glue method yet. Using industrial double sided tape.) Also, the mahogany was very dry and fine details in the 3D carve started chipping.

I kind of like it, adds character and should look warn and battered when I finish it.

So, I’m going to put this on the router table to get rid of the border. Probably use the Dremel to clean up the excess border around the swords and shield. Oil up the mahogany, high gloss sealer and buff it out. I’ll post the final in the Challenge #7 thread.

The complete design took me about 12 hours to complete in CC Pro but it was my first time drawing up a 3D project from scratch. This is not a depth map or a converted STL. I took an SVG and traced over it using line drawing tools in CC and Boolean added the pieces together. Lots of trial and error but worked out well. Large 3D pieces like the shield gave me difficulty until I figured out how to do height limit correctly. It was a fun project and am now more motivated (less fearful) to try more #D projects. All in all, I like CC Pro and don’t have to go buy STL models (but wouldn’t mind that capability in new version!!!).