1st day question: collets get stuck

Hello all, first real post.
I spent a few hours with my first cuts tody
Everything is going well except changing end mills is really difficult.
I have the Carbide precision collets but they are really difficult to change. I thought I was over tightening, but when I didn’t thighten as much the bit drifted deep into my spoilboard.
I have to use pliers, carefully on the exposed collet edge and tap them down to remove the collet.
Am I doing something wrong? Is there a way to do this that more experienced people use?
Thank you!

Please send a photo of your precison collets and the inside of your router shaft (do you have a pair of calipers? If so, please send a set of measurements as well) to us at support@carbide3d.com and we’ll do our best to assist.


usually just a tap with the edge of the wrench is enough to break them free. it might be new collet tightness? is the inside finish of the collet smooth or is it crusty?

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I had similar problems, I found that holding the endmill and putting some small amount of downforce (just with fingers), then gently tapping the shaft of the endmill near the collet with the low profile wrench would pop the collets right out.

Also, other advise that seems to have worked is NO lubricant - should be completely dry. I used some paint thinner to de-grease both the collets and the receiver.


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