2.2kw spindle - anyone fitted one?

I’m getting a bit annoyed that can’t use any old mill ends in my dewalt, I’m limited to the 1/4, 1/8 -in the UK these are not easy to get hold of.

I’m seriously considering a water cooled spindle… and if your going to do it, do it to the max… I can get a 2.2kw water cooled one, but I was wondering has anyone actually done it? I have heard it’s a bit much for the axis, but is that actually true?

I like to mill ali, and slower is meant to be better. I would speculate you could do a 1mm DOC with something more powerful?

I can get a air cooled 3kw spindle and controller for around £250… sell the old dewalt for around £100… bit of wire and a small upgrade cost…


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What I know about milling aluminum would fit on a postage stamp, with room to spare.

BUT, I did see a vide on youtube once where the guy was using a CNC router to cut aluminum and his position was that if you can’t slow your spindle speed, you need to increase your feed rate to “crazy fast”:

There are other youtube videos of high-speed CNC routing of aluminum.

Kinda interesting stuff.

yeah it’s been done! Being completed now. Haven’t done any milling with it yet.

Water cooled, er20 collet.


is that 2.2 or 3kw? why did you go for water cooled over air cooled?

Watching for your success Ray, for air cooled spindle to help dissipate the heat would it help to glue heat sink bars to the upper part of the spindle? Vertically like above the mount, I have a bunch and have been wondering about this, good luck Ray.

IT is a 2.2 kw and I went water cooled because they are quieter and cool better.
Honesty though I have heard of no complaints of the air cooled spindles not cooling well.


@Luke you could fabricate or buy some tool holders for your 1/8" or 3mm tooling to fit within the 1/4" router collet.

I used to sell Denford & Boxford CNC stuff in the states and they would ship their adapters for their Kress routers which had either 3 or 6mm collets, which were close but not quite for American tooling. You basically have the same problem.

Another option would be to place an order w/ Elaire Corp.:


They have: 1/8",3/16",1/4", 6mm, 8mm (be sure to scroll down and match your collet part # to be sure of getting the right ones)

Or, get a Precise Bits ER-style collet: http://www.precisebits.com/products/equipment/dewalt_611_collets.asp — they also offer a 3mm in addition to 1/8" and 1/4" and I suspect they would be willing to custom manufacture 6mm and 3/16"

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Ive seen a vid about the water cooled spindle,I suspect its you??? Do tell!! you like it? change your life? Hows the sound?..heard water cooled is the quiet mans dream.I have water cooling in my computer so im naturally intrigued haha

To be honest I’ve been busy fitting it and getting GRBL 1.1 and CM4 installed and working with the spindle.
It is quiet for sure and the weight I think helps with the DOC accuracy. I’m still waiting on a wider drag chain and spindle connector (still using pins). Both will be here next week and it will be tidied up and I will get to do some cutting.
The funny thing is I just got my drag bit and have a bunch of engraving to do, so the spindle won’t even be turning lol.


Looking forward to more posts and pics Ray. I’ve been following your project with much interest.

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