2.2KW Spindle Weight

I am adding a 2.2kw spindle to my Pro 5 and I noticed that the weight of the spindle is enough to allow the Z axis to drop when the steppers are not engaged. I know that full sized servo driven mills use a Z axis brake to prevent the Z from dropping when power is off. My question for those that have the 2.2kw spindle, how are you dealing with this? Are you just making sure that you remove the bit from the spindle before powering off, or have you added a brake?

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Mine did that sometimes with the C3D spindle in my SO5 Pro, SO4 Pro, and HDM.

On all my machines, before I turn off for the night I put a tooling pin in the collet and have a rod that keeps the axis from sliding down.


A 1 1/2” square block 3” high with a 3/4” bore in the middle for endmill clearance works for me.


I just turn my HDM off. It generally will fall less than an inch.

I’ve got the 2.2kw and it will drop a bit, but usually not much more than an inch. To be safe I just drop the spindle a bit and I have a small cut off of 2x4 that I gently lower the spindle down on when I’m done for the day.


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