2.2kw water-cooled spindle: powering 12V DC water pump and radiator fan via VFD?

I’m planning on setting up a closed loop cooling system with a small 12v DC PC water pump and a radiator plus PC case fan, also 12v DC.

Does anyone know if/how I can power the 12v DC fan and pump with the VFD that comes with my spindle?

You need a high current regulator connected to the 24v output. You’re better off just using a 12v wall-wart.

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Got it all set up now. I used two $10 buck converters to reduce the 24v to 12v and power my radiator fan and pump (one buck converter for each). I might have been able to use one buck converter for both but I was unsure and they were cheap so I just got two of them.
I wired the buck converters to the VFD +24v output with DCM being the common/negative. From each buck converters output side I ran wires through the left Y axis drag chain and to the center of the gantry where I mounted my radiator and cooler pump. Now they are automatically powered on with the VFD and I don’t need tubes and a power cord running down to a bucket or something sitting on the floor. I highly recommend this setup.
Thanks everyone for your replies!

My one worry, the rad fans pulling dust through the radiator. Making maintenance intervals to be sooner I would think.

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I’ve also considered this but my next step is to make a dust boot for the spindle so I hopefully won’t have to worry about much dust.
Worst case scenario, Ill just have to blast some air through the radiator every now and then with my air compressor (I keep it right next to that table anyway) and that should be enough to keep dust from building up and really clogging in the radiator.

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