2.4e wired to VFD?

Had a bit of a hiatus there. But I’m back in the shop again.
I’ve been rooting around on the internets looking for data on hooking the carbide motion 2.4e GRBL of my shapeoko XXL to the VFD I have in order to control the spindle through the software. I’ve read through several “tutorials”. However, they seem to have conflicting pieces of information in them. Some say I need ground, PWM and 5v pins. Others say I just need PWM. Some say I need a sub board wired in with it.

Most hyperlinks in tutorials and forums are just flat out broken.

I’m quite comfortable around electronics, and was even going to install an JST-XH-4A connector for ease of installation:

I’m connecting it to this style VFD:

I already have the VFD wired in and I can control the spindle via start/stop button and the RPM with the knob.

My goal is to get the shapeoko software to control Start/Stop and RPM without letting the magic smoke out. I just need to know what wires have to go where, I can likely figure out the rest.
(I’ll also be wiring up an e-stop button, but that’s another story)

Thanks in advance.

Not to add more confusion to the mix, I just realized while looking over this board that I could have just used this connection point. I did a bit of reverse engineering and discovered this pin configuration:

Well, I already soldered in the JST connector. Which I had to solder in place with the aluminum still attached. I’m not sure what they used to hold this thing to the aluminum plate, but was requiring forces I didn’t want to put into a PCB and still expect it to be functional afterwards…

What’s done is done.

Welp, I figured it out. Sort of. Now whenever the VFD is powered on via M3S command through MDI my GRBL turns into a bowl of mashed potatoes and disconnects. Doesn’t start operating in until I power cycle it. Seems like a line noise issue. Dunno.

Anyone feels like chiming in, I’d appreciate it.

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