2-flute or 4-flute?

For an XL length (1.25" cutting length) 1/4" endmill, to cut a deeper piece of hardwood, would you choose a 2 flute or 4 flute? I ran a job with 2 flute, it worked well, although it was quite shrieky.

My local supplier has razor sharp quality carbide for really cheap. But no 3-flute in this length, only in Standard length. (Upcut bits)

I’d love the rigidity of the 4, but not sure if the machine (SOPRO) would keep up. I guess I can just order one to find out, but figured I’d ask around, maybe some of the experienced folks like @Vince.Fab have some thoughts.

I’m also thinking as it’s wood, the chipload isn’t as crucial as trying to cut metal - going to a 4 flute, keeping the feed to something with under a thou chipload, might still be fine?

This. Unless you’re one of the guys that calculates your chipload on the table saw too.

So you’d go for 4 flute? Take the rigidity and make some dust?

No, I’d stick with two. I don’t think the 4 flute would last as long (rubbing), but if it’s cheap, you might try it. You may get better finish, especially on wood that tends to be prone to tear out.
I’d like to see a video of a 6k cutting feedrate, though.

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