24v Output Plug Type?

I’m trying to use the 24v output on the 2.4e CarbideMotion board to power a water pump and fans for a water cooled spindle. On the 6-pin 24v/pwm/reserved/reserved/reset/gnd pins on the right side of the board it has a 6 pin terminal already installed on it (not empty holes other versions). Can someone point me in the direction of the part I would need to purchase to fit that terminal? It almost looks like a computer 6-pin PCI express plug from a computer.


Not sure that’s the best place to take power from, the output may well not be rated for enough power, a separate PSU is a safer bet.

There’s also generally a small 12V or 24V output on the VFDs but these are also only rated for a small current, not enough to run pumps, just enough to run relays and small logic;

That’s the HuanYang with 200mA of 12V

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Hi @TheTechRunner,

There is a link to something that may be the right connector type in this thread:

And also in that thread

One note though: I don’t know what power load that 24V pin can support. It supports my LED strip with no issue but that is only a few Watts, but I don’t know how much a water pump + fan would draw, that’s maybe something you should check ?

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Thanks for the input - much appreciated. Without having a ton of complexity how do you automatically power your pump/radiator fans? Would there some way to pull it off the VFD (which is US “220v”)?

For my pump I just got a 12V PSU from Amazon and fed the PSU from the same mains switching as the VFD so as soon as I have the VFD on I have pumps.

Something like this or this would do fine. (assuming you have a 24V pump, if not 12V versions)

Once you’ve got that low voltage power it’s handy for other stuff too.

If you take a look in your VFD manual you’ll probably find that there’s some options to use one of the signal terminals to enable an external pump but that would need a relay and the pump is so low power I’m not bothered with that.


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I went for the simplest manual option: I have my VFD and chiller plugged in the same socket (think power strip with a common on/off switch). So whenever I flick the switch to turn on my VFD, it also turns on the associated water cooling circuit.


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