3 Gun Wall Rack for some .22 Rifles

I have these 3 guns sitting around for some time. I dont have room in my safe for them and wanted to put them up on the wall to get them off the corner stacked together. I designed in CC and cut in CM.

For those that do not live in the US the “2nd Amendment” refers to our US constitution that allows me to keep and bear arms. I wish I had room in my safe for them but I think this is better then just piled up. I do keep the magazines and ammo locked up. I have no small children in my household.


Cool looking always something different to look at in the gallery, quick question, no criticism (what.i know about guns you can write on a stamp) are guns not traditionaly sorted upright? I.e. scope on top horizontal


Nice rack You got going there!
I see two familiar rifles, Ruger10-22 and the Browning semi, but what is the middle bolt action one?

No criticism of the weapon rack here either…

However, I couldn’t help notice the spelling mistake - or what looks like one, for “amendment”.


You are right about my spelling. Doooh! Easy fix I will remake that piece. The piece is secured with kreg pocket screws. I don’t spell amendment very often and cc does not have spell check. Dooooh! The piece is 2.75 inches by 18 and I have plenty of oak to make a new one.

Some one asked about middle gun, it is a Ruger American .22 bolt action. Both of the guns use the same rotary mag or a 30 round clip. I live in the country where they are useful for nusience animals.

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It’s an easy mistake to make since it almost looks correct :slight_smile: There’s things like “administer” and “admiration” and “admonition” which give your spelling the right sort of look, so an easy oversight.

They are nice machines. I just have a broadsword hanging off my wall :slight_smile:

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When I make personalized items for people I get them to write down the name of the person. You never want to make an object for Debra that should have been Deborah, or Jessy that should be Jessie…
So I broke my own rule about getting the name right and misspelled Amendment.

I got busy and cut a new part for my gun rack

I did want to show how I held this down for carving (picketing).

The clamps are cam clamps from the Myers Woodshop plans. I used two opposing direction cam clamps to keep the work from shifting. I tighten down one slightly, move to the other one and tighten and work back and forth so the work does not get shifted. If I used two clamps that clamp in the same direction the work can shift.

I will sand off the 2nd Amendment tomorrow and start finishing. I have to sand, put a coat of dewaxed shellac and then two coats of wipe on satin Minwax Poly. I used pocket screws to secure the piece with no glue so it will be easy to move out the old one and replace with the new one. I had finished each of the 4 parts separately and only assembled after the finishing was done.


Finished my correction. Doooh! I also added the date on back. I usually date and initial my work. This the first time to do it with the Shapeoko.