30” wavy flag for customer

What type of finish do you use with the padauk for your flags? Trying to make sure it doesnt bleed into the maple. @cnackers @Merick01

Padauck needs to be sealed quickly. Dont use anything that will run off. A spray sealer will seal in the padauck color and keep it bleed int to another color wood. Seal in light coats multiple times to get the desired amount of sealer. Heavy coats that run off will not be good for padauck. Before sealing make sure you dont get padauck wet with things like mineral spirits unless it is a very very light amount. The pooling of solvents is what makes the padauck run into adjacent woods. Seal first before adding finishes and you will be good with paddauck. If you try to finish with oil with no sealer you will spread the padauck color all around.

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@gdon_2003 thank you bud I appreciate the knowledge!

I use Rubio Monocoat

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I was in our local Ace hardware yesterday and saw a bunch of wavy flags on display for $273 each. They were pine and painted but looked nice and the stars were nice. They were half flag and half military insignia.

I asked someone if they had a local person making them thinking of so maybe there would be a market for me to sell some stuff or I could touch base with the person.

We looked closer and they were from:

About 2,000 miles from where I liveπŸ˜‚

At least he is not local competition.

Makes me feel better about my pricing for sure!

Excellent job… now I have to make one myself. I’m a 360 user, can you recommend any tutorials on modeling the waves?