3018 Pro (vevor) stopping randomly

I’m having issues with my machine cutting a simple 45mm square out of 3mm maple (.5mm a pass). After positioning and setting zero I start the cut. Using the same Gcode. I’ve run multiple cuts and had varying results. One cut runs the front just fine and then starts the right side but keep running of the back of my lumber. (lumber size was 126mm x 126mm) Another cut two sides and started the back and kept running across my lumber. I had to stop both of these cuts. Another cut all four sides at .5mm, the started the next cut (.5mm deeper), ran across the front and stopped a third away across as if it had completed the cut.

Has anyone else experienced this kind of problem?

I’m starting to believe it may be a problem with the control board on my machine. It is the board that came with the machine, Annoy Tools.

I’m running CC V6 Build 648, 64-bit on Windows 10 with all Screen saver, lock, etc. turned off.

I’ve tried to attach the Gcode so anyone and check it out and see if there is a problem with the code being generated by CC or if it’s something with my machine.

Square45mm.nc (13.4 KB)

G-code seems fine:

so it would seem to be a problem with your non-Carbide 3D software or hardware.