34 hour run time? For .5" dadoes? WTF?

Yup 34 hour run time, sown on toolpath and when uploaded to C5
Simple grooves. 8 at .312" deep and 8" long x .5" wide
What may I be missing?

What tool are you using? Can you post the file? Cut times are affected by speed of the tool and stepdown values.

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201 1/4" and 20 caracters to go troug…

Posting file. Never did that. how?

My stepover was way to shallow. Fixed it.
I appreciate you reaching out. Thanks!

You may have “fixed” it, but saying a stepover was “shallow” does not mean anything.

Accept some help by posting your file. You might be surprised with what you’ll learn.

Yeah, worth taking a look at the material you’ve pulled the tool from. If you use aluminum feed/speeds on hardwood, you’ll be there all day.

If you want to post a file or picture just hit the button for upload, navigate to the file and/or picture and it will upload. You can also just copy and paste a picture right in to the reply.

Live and Learn. The hard lessons are not forgotten very soon. You will likely remember this. However we all make mistakes and the community is here to help so just ask. If you are having a problem it is best to post the file. If you have something you dont want public you can attach the file and send it to support@carbide3d.com


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