3D carving Shapeoko 5 pro

Been using Masuter Pro , just got Shapeoko 5 , 2x4 what is the best way , steps for a jpeg picture convert to stl bring into carbide create to get to 3D carving ? so much info on the internet , where is the best place to start ?

The problem with image to 3D is that very few images map light/dark to height/depth — you can create a halftone quite easily:

or a lithophane:


but getting 3D from a flat 2D picture pretty much requires that a person create some sort of 3D model representation.

If you have a number of images, it might be possible to have a computer program composite them into a 3D model — the technical term for this is “photogrammetry” but the programs for this often require that the photos are taken in the application. Or, if you have the 3D object in question you could scan it in 3D given access to a 3D scanner.

Great , Thanks . I will check into cutrocket

If you have an SVG, it doesn’t have any information you could turn into a 3D object unless it has shaded color or greyscale. It can be turned into what is often referred to as 2.5D as it is 2D features machined to specific depths. You may be able to manipulate a SVG in Carbide Create Pro to add rounded edges and such, but without a greyscale it won’t be able to do something like a picture to 3D.

If you can find an existing STL of a design you want, that is a 3D object inherently. It can be imported to Carbide Create Pro directly.

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Currently im playing with onlinejpgtools.com converting to greyscale then on to imagetostl.com


Inkscape might work too

With Carbide Create Pro, you can load an image directly as a heightmap into your file, so there’s no need for the intermediate step of the STL. (But you can load an STL too if you want).

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Thanks, this looks like the best way for me .

In photoshop exporting heightmap as a png create pro will open it ?

Yes, that should work well, since it a mapping of light/dark to height/depth unlike the typical photo.

Thanks , ill upgrade to pro

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