3D corner decorations

(Jeff Wimer ) #1

I am working to build an Armoire for my wife. I wanted to include some carvings, but a total nube on carving. Went to vCarve Pro and created the following corner pieces. Took some time figuring it out, but turned out great

(Reid Forrest) #2

Those look really great. Did you start off with flat stock and mill it down from there, or were they rounded to begin with? Interested in your technique.

(Jeff Wimer ) #3

They are actually built corners from two pieces. I then cut them in the CNC positioned just like they sit now. I had to cut off the corner that would have normally protruded up from the table. During the roughing pass I had to use a stick to help hold them in place.

I created them in Vcarve Pro. Imported a round clip art. Sized as needed then imported the 3D model. The program laid it onto the rounded clip art.