3D file for Vectric Vcarve

I am in need of a source for creating 3d files suitable for import into Vectric Vcarve desktop. This is exploratory. I can provide an image of a test piece. If all goes well, I will begin offering customized 3d vcarve products.

Does anyone have a source and pricing?



you need someone to develop your 3d models?

I have used a few people and they are economical. especially when compared to a large studio like Vectorart3d, whose pricing is very high for the small guy. I bet there are some members of this forum though that will help you and they know the ins/outs of making things look best with the SO3. If you want to pm me, I will ask if it’s ok to give you the contact info I have. You will have to ask them for pricing

Could you be a little more specific? Are you looking for designs, vector designs, or fully complete vcarve files?

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I am looking for files like the Vectric 3d clipart. Things that I can “plugin” to a vcarve project.
For my test, I would like to create a retirement carving for a customer in the Canadian Air Force. So the CAF “logo” to which I will add text and some decorations from Vectric 3D.
Thank you, Mike.
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Hi, John.
To be clear I want models like the Vectric 3d clipart.

I would be most grateful to have info about those who can create such. I will contact them for pricing.

Should have worded my post better, I was looking for information on what others might be paying for custom 3d model creation. Just wanted to see if I could afford to have files created.

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There’s gobs of free stuff, I’d check to be sure you can’t find what you need before you decide you need to have them made.

Lots from here is usable (depending on what you’re doing)

This one is handy

Then there’s the whole dxf library (search the forum)

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When you say vcarve… do you mean like this:

If so, what you’re looking for is vectors. Here is the older CAF logo https://drive.google.com/open?id=1LUYVppOQLAGzyFQAJZrOUHCVpBvg2yLG

Another version that’s newer https://drive.google.com/open?id=1hVCz8Smrg3RvIQYAVzqgKM6QjHATGR7P

Or are you looking for things like the front and top image on this box:

If so, what you’re looking for is 2.5D models.

2.5D models of things can be found all over, although it can be difficult to find something specific like you’re looking for. However, given the vector above, you could pull it into your program, separate all the parts, and then use the vectors to create a shape for each one. Then it’s simply a matter of putting all the pieces on top of each other in the right order, and bake it into a single 2.5D element.

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Thanks, Mike. I’ll check them out. Much appreciated.


Yes, I guess I was mislead by my interpretation of V Carve 3D Clip art menu item. I need 2.5d stuff. The attachments are great. Do I need Aspire to convert to 2.5d or is there a service that you know of that might work?

I am very appreciative of the effort you took to reply.

My best,


Oops, I did not respond to your directions. I have only used Vectric clip art. Can you direct me to a tutorial that would help me with setting up the various depths?


What vectric calls “3D” is 2.5D images. VCarve allows you to use the clip art and modify and carve them, but Aspire has the tools to create your own clipart, such as using a vector to create a raised plane, rounded curve, or pyramid. These are the tools I was thinking about when I described how to convert the vector into a “3D” model. What Vcarve would do for you is allow you to use those vectors and a v-bit toolpath to carve them into the wood, similar to the first picture I included, the barber nameplate. I’m not sure about a vector to clip art service.

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It is possible to import a single 3D .stl file into Vcarve Pro. To actually design 3D models in the software itself, or to import more than one .stl file, you need Aspire as far as I know.



There are other, free programs that can be used to combine STLs if that’s the only function you’re looking for.


Hey, Matt.
Thanks for the tip. I have Desktop now, maybe this will help to convince my wife we need to pony up for the upgrade to Aspire…that will require some heavy groveling on my part.


Thank you,


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FWIW I have Pro, not Aspire, so I can’t speak to Aspire’s 3D design features. I do “functional” 3D designs in open source software called Openscad which I like very much — but I have a programming background. I’m not really a creative/artist type so other folks will have better recommendations on the more artsy/creative side of 3D design.

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