3D File Search - Headdress

I am searching for a 3d file of an Indian headdress with feathers, actual head included or not, lol. I’m sure I’ve seen someone carve something like this before, but I can’t remember where, or if any files were shared. Anyone have any thoughts off the top of their head?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

How 3d do you want it?
Is a low relief ok, or do you need a true 3d, like for a 3d printer?
I could probably make a relief, and save as a .BMP

Low relief works, to carve on wood with my Nomad. So, it would be small too.

For learning purposes, how would you make a relief? CNC and 3D editing is a new thing for me, started in 2017 :grin:

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I just found this up your alley :slight_smile:

For me, I scour the internet for good grayscale, and .BMP photos, then open them up in Artcam.
It reads colors as hieght. White high, black low.

At work, that site is blocked :frowning: Guess I’ll have to look later.

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I found one already made.
If I find more, I’ll edit this post with them.
Shoot, cant upload .BMP
Here is a .tif Nope
Grayscale .jpg

An eagle lady

Nice, those are neat. These just the images, or did you find 3d files? What’s the source?

Thank you!

These are from some old reliefs on computer.

If you like V carving, I learned a trick of looking up Anything Mandala, or adult coloring book, and you’ll find some awesome V carving potential.
Just open a photo in a vector tracing software.
Create vectors, and carve away.
In some programs you have to be careful not to make your vectors wider than your v bit.
Here is an example.
Indian chief Mandala

Simulation of V carving:

The .dxf file of the vectors:
indian head v carve2.dxf (2.4 MB)
DXF might look crappy. I had to set the tolerance to .005", so it would be small enough to upload.
EDIT: I couldn’t get the DXF to open from here, but if any one wants it, I’ll try again. I have a generic DXF option, but don’t remember which one I tried.


Cool tip, I’ll have to try that!


Yeah I agree, Jerry that is a really great tip. I would not have thought of that, and I am working on my V-carving skills and would eventually like to work up to relief carvings.

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Also, look at tattoo art. And celtic designs.

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Thank you @jdg3! I like that one, need to get into vcarving.