3d Halftone Dots

Looking for tips or suggestions to carve out something like in the photo, when I load the SVG in cc I’m getting a peg board effect.

Post the SVG?

It should just be a straight-forward pocket using a tool smaller than the narrowest gap.

Since this has such narrow spacing, to the point of overlapping, you’ll need to use an Advanced V carving Toolpath, w/ a pocket clearing option.

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Thoughts on tool size?

I would use as acute a V endmill as you have available, and a reasonably small tool so as to fit into the smaller (but not the smallest) spaces.

What is your overall size? Your SVG doesn’t seem to match the first pic you posted???

This one looks a little closer. But doesn’t trace very well. Not close to true circles

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Zooming in on the original picture it looks like the circles are left standing and the background is being cut

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