3d helmet shields

Hey all, just wanted to share a few of these helmet shields I’ve been making. The first of hopefully many designs to come. Made from mostly 3/4 aspen preglued panels from menards. One of these is a 6/4 black walnut panel as well. Been making them for guys at work and a few outside departments. Thanks for answering my many questions on these boards so far with my so3.


Great work, They are beautiful. The finish makes it look like old leather.

Those look great. I only used the Menards aspen blanks once. Mine came out a fuzzy mess that took forever to clean up. But once it was it looked good. I do not recall if I had discovered downcut endmills yet when I did this one for my favorite Chiropractor.



The old leather look was exactly what I was going for. Thanks

They are very fuzzy, all I can use is downcut endmills. Definitely open to trying other kinds of wood but don’t really want to spend time doing glue ups. If anyone has any options on where to get them I’m listening!

How long does it take to cut one of these? Is the entire badge curved? Is that curve machined or are you bending these after?

If I had to estimate I’d say about 4 hrs on the machine. Its curved on the machine.

very impressive! What software did you design in and what software did you CAM in? Any the old leather look is on point!

Aspire & carbide motion. Thank you

Wow these are AWESOME! I would love to make one for my 80 year old uncle. He was our local fire chief. Would you consider selling your file? I have aspire but I’m still learning and not sure I have the skills to build this yet. Would be a great learning tool as well.

EDIT: I just want the one with the name, rank and number in the middle.

In the meantime I’ll see if I can mock one up myself!