3D Leaf Bowl from Cutrocket post

First, Thank you [azerleawoodworks] for conceptualizing and creating this simple, but confidence building piece. My design skills are still in their infancy, so being able to work with the file and understand how it was created helps me to create at a higher level. I made this with a piece of Indian Rosewood (Acacia) after some leveling runs with an Amana https://www.toolstoday.com/v-14502-rc-2265.html, then followed the recommended tool paths from the file. The cut required a bit of sanding to get the tool marks out so I’ll probably increase the stepover a little next time. Finished ir with Odies Oil and It made a great Mother’s Day gift! Leaf Tray - Hard Maple Wood by azerleawoodworks


Very cool, if I may say so myself.

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That’s pretty nice! I might have to give it a shot

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Really nice use of that piece of wood!

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Looks really cool.

Kinda reminds my of a Reese cup lol :yum:

LOL :grin: you’re right! That’s what I’ll put in it!