3D model of Nomad3

Are there any 3D models of the Nomad 3? We would like to do some layout renderings for presenting how the Nomad3 will fit and look in our makerspace. Doesn’t need the detailed internals, but might be nice to see into the cabinet and look at the spindle/gantry.



Not of the Nomad 3 but @Owen made one for the 883 Pro. The main difference to keep in mind for layout purposes is that the Nomad 3 has windows on the side that allow you to see from the sides. That can be really helpful so if possible you should leave enough space at the sides that someone can fit their head around the machine.

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Thanks, I saw this in the forum. Problem is we don’t use Sketchup and the free account won’t let you export other file formats. I appreciate the quick response. Something like JT format would be OK if people were worried about reverse engineering something. If we end up getting a Nomad I’ll see about creating a basic 3D model people could use.

I converted the sketchup model into a mesh at some point. Let me see what I can dig up.

Edit: may or may not be useful to you, but here it is. Fusion

Cool, I was able to open it in Fusion. How different is the Nomad 883 Pro from the Nomad 3 (outer dimensionally)? I still may make a basic outer model for layout and rendering.

Honestly, not sure. I only have the 883 Pro. Maybe use the F360 model as a starting point?

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