3D model of the Shapeoko Pro wasteboard

Has anyone created a 3D model of the Shapeoko Pro wasteboard?

I want to test out different setups and it would make it much easier if I had a 3D model of the T-rails and maybe even the Shapeoko Pro.

You could do a search on YouTube for waste board creation. They sometime have the plans in their descriptions. Or make an attempt in creating your own.

I will model the t-track base for you in Fusion sometime in the next two days. Would you like it modeled with plastic center dust strips or connecting aluminum base with no strips?


Awesome. Thanks a lot.

I’m not sure what the plastic center dust strips are? Doesn’t the Shapeoko Pro XXL (Shapeoko Pro CNC Router – Carbide 3D) only come with 1 type of setup?

From what I read the pro originally had plastic straps between the aluminum extrusions of the bed to cover the holes but they changed the extrusions to be closer together after the first several batches where released. I think they had some issues with the plastic strips and realized they could change the extrusions slightly and make it a little simpler.

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However it is now. I’m trying to evaluate whether to buy a Shapeoko Pro that I’ll need from August and onwards.

There are no schematics for the wasteboard/rails out there? Carbide has schematics for their other wasteboardson their site somewhere.


M6 T-slot dimensions:


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I just got my pro xxl I am hoping to have time by end of next week to have it set up. I suck at 3d modeling but any measurements you want I can take for you if it would help.

Here is the Shapeoko Pro XXL T-Track base, modeled and rendered in Fusion 360, +/- .015 mm. This is how mine was delivered, newer versions are not using dust strips, I do not have that version to model but I can guess the dimensions if needed.

Shapeoko Pro XXL Base


Awesome. Thanks a lot! Looks great!

The link seems not to work though:

This link doesn’t seem to be working.
Either this content is no longer shared, or the address is incorrect.

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Fixing, I copied and pasted from Fusion menu. Will figure it out asap.

Try again? Might have been Autodesk is slow today, I just got done uploading right before posting.

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It works now. Thanks a lot :slightly_smiling_face:.

Where did you get a link from the menu?

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Ha! Never saw that before. I’ve always gone in from the web interface (a360.com).

Thanks for making me find that!

You are very welcome, I know the feeling. I have been using Fusion for going on 2 years now, think I know what I’m doing then I find some shortcut or method that I had no idea existed. For instance over a year in, I finally find out that Left Shift+Middle Mouse Button will rotate your model… Lol…
Pro Tip: Permanently disable Caps Lock! They are all little evil purveyors of time wasting and mistake creation!

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