3D Model Repository for Carbide 3D Shapeoko 5 Pro XXL Machines and Components?

Working on a new aluminum extrusion table and work setup for the Carbide 3D Shapeoko 5 Pro XXL CNC machine and I am looking to see if there are any 3D models of the machine and the components?

I know it would be unwise to give away everything in the master CAD file but are there any rough approximations out there for download?

Maybe official ones or even ones on various 3D model sites? I have searched and have not found any yet.

Specifically the machine would be great including the exact footprint, strut spacing, bounding box, etc.

Also, the Controller and VFD box for the spindle would be valuable.

As I look over both of them they have mounting holes and it’s always nice to have those properly dimensioned.

If there are none I will share those that I have once I finish this project and can confirm everything fits nicely, similar to the project files that were made for the Shapeoko 4 Pro XXL Table.

Below are some screenshots of what I have made for the machine (according to official specs on website) and also the table I am building (not finished).


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