3d no depth option

I downloaded this STL file and opted for 3-D finishing tool path. I’m not sure if that’s right, but it gives me no depth options and only a bit option vector and angle. How do I set the max cut depth on this?

It will cut the height of the STL within the boundary you select. Max depth would be nice to prevent cutting all the way to the bottom when there are gaps in the STL. But you can do this by adding another rectangular component to the model using the Merge Type: Max and set to the remaining thickness you want to maintain.

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Would you do this stl file in 3d finish or something like texture- I tried texture but just cut the waves lines on throughout the full rectangle didn’t differentiate from the wave. Thanks for the help

Texture is a 2D toolpath with a randomly varying depth. It doesn’t even consider the 3D model.

A finish pass will just do a lace/zig-zag/raster cut & follow the 3D model.

You could try a 3D Rough with a very small depth per cut. That will lace cut each level, but also follow the side of the waves. You could create a boundary at the tangent point of the top wave & use that to limit the rough 3D path, and cut the flat area above with a flat end mill to save some time.


Otherwise you would need a different software to completely follow the waves.

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