3D on the Shapeoko

I have been looking for a software to do some 3d on the Shapeoko. I have been testing Moi in the last two days and sound interesting, but how do I bring those objects into Carbide Motion, or in any case something that the Shapeoko can cut.
Obviously 3 axis and no undercut.
The best solution would be Fusion 360, but I don’t want to work with anything that is storing in the cloud.
I don’t mind the learning curve, I work everyday with Illustrator and I worked with most vector programs, some cad including Autocad, also with 3D like Cinema 4D.
Thanks for your help

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are you wondering about the CAD side or the CAM side?

going from an STL to gcode is pretty easy nowadays with several options…

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I’d switch to another sender. Carbide Motion still had a limit on the number of lines it could handle the last time I checked it. Those 3D files get big and you’ll need another sender like UGS or CNCjs to use them.

I buy STL files and create my own using Blender (free tool). I import the STL file into Vcarve and then generate tool paths from it. I’ve run the G-Code to the Shapeoko using CNCjs and UGS and both work.

also https://github.com/fenrus75/FenrusCNCtools/tree/master/toolpath/ can convert STL to gcode on the command line


I am new to all this of CAD-CAM, I am looking to be able to draw my own 3 axis 3d and being able to cut it in the Shapeoko, for what i have seen i like the Moi software.

First you have to have a 3D model that you create in a CAD or 3D drawing package or get from another source. Then you import it into another program (CAM) where you will create 3D toolpaths. Finally, you have to load it into a sender like Carbide Motion or something else like CNCjs to produce on your CNC.

I must say that going from newbie to producing 3D is jumping into the deep end with no water wings.

if you already know CAD and your favorite CAD software exports STL… it’s not that big a leap

Export an STL from MOI

Load it into a 3D CAM tool such as MeshCAM, Autodesk Fusion 360, or pyCAM.

Set up toolpaths, then export G-Code.

Thanks William,
I think MOI plus MeshCAM may be the solution, I will try it.

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Hi Luc,
I am just new to the CAD-CAM thing, but I am not new to graphic and 3d software, I never used them to cut a piece of wood before for sure, now I want to play with that.


has a short howto-ish thing on how to get an STL from an online source and carve it…

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Although Fusion 360 is cloud based you can save your files locally. You can even use Fusion in a limited way without the cloud by starting Fusion and waiting for it to time out to the cloud. Full function is not there but you can use it.

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I’ve been developing some CAM software that can do 3D CNC stuff for signmaking/engraving/art/etc called PixelCNC. Currently working on the compositing system for being able to make all the usual stuff out of images, models, vectors, etc… Still have a few other tricks up my sleeve for new toolpath types :slight_smile:

Haven’t released much in the way of learning materials or tutorials yet, but if you know your way around CAM principles (i.e. cut step-over, cut depth, feeds/speeds) then you should be able to figure it out without too much trouble if you’re interested. Feel free to ask if you need any help figuring out how to do something.


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