3D Photo Software Editing

Does anyone have any software recommendations that I could use to edit photos for 3D? What I do now is use Adobe to remove background and GIMP to covert to Grayscale and crop to size. I then use CC Pro to import the photo. I have cut a few photos this way with results not real great, I get a lot of high and low cut areas due to light and dark areas in the photos. Mostly I am trying to cut photos of people, I have seen some examples on CNC cut photos on the ETSY that look good, but they usually want about $150 - $200 to make a STL from a photo.

What you want is to make a 3D model of the image, or a height/depth map.

The specific search term is “photogrammetry”

Is a lithophane an option instead? That will work from a photo.

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Thanks for the help, I will try out these and see what I can do.

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