3D Police Badge

This is version 2.0 of a police badge I have been working on recently. It is approximately 6” x 9”. This one is out of poplar since it was a test piece. I will be moving on to walnut and Brazilian cherry later this week. I was pretty pleased with the results of this test though.


Looks great! What was your design process?

Actually for this design I hired Alexander from WonderfulWoodDesigns on Etsy to create the 3D model. I have very little experience with 3D modeling so I hired it our. He is easy to work with and reasonably priced. If you decide to use him, let him know Caleb Pittman sent you.
Good luck,

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been trying to get in contact with them and haven’t gotten a reply

Might be able to shop around on fiverr or another similar contract job site. Or maybe on the Facebook group. I think someone on the unofficial shapeoko and nomad group someone had mentioned wanting to do modeling as a service as he recovers from surgery.

Being a retired LEO Sergeant that warms my heart… and gave me a hellva idea…thanks