3D Printed 4" Dust Boot for the HDZ - And Others Maybe?

So, here is the first iteration of my super sized Suckit dust boot. I just need to cut the acrylic window on top and order some 1" brush strip from McMaster-Carr. The brush strip that is on my Suckit looks like the stuff I bought from McM before, and since it fits just fine, I’m just going to chance it. Worst case is I re-design and re-print it.

It is massive compared to the original one. I hope it works as well as I’d like it to. It has an 88ish mm diameter pocket in it so the 80mm spindle will fit inside it and allow for some of the really short bits I have to reach the wood surface.

If I end up having to re-print it, I am going to have to re-design the vacuum channel because it took quite a while to get the supports out of the narrow channel on the underside near the slot in the shoe. I’ll design them out and give up a bit of the cross section for not having the support to dig out.

Anyway, on to the pics. . .


Wow, that is massive! I see you place the dustboot on the spindle instead of the arms, in fact the picture looks like it is too narrow for the arms but you’re missing the spacer with the magnets.

If you want a dust-boot for a 80mm spindle I knocked up this ages ago…



Oh, no - I was just showing that the spindle can drop into the “viewing window” cavity of the one I designed vs. the original (blue) dust boot. That will allow the spindle to get much closer to the work surface for when I use really small bits (smaller than 0.063") that are short. Today after work I am going to design and print the spacers to fit my boot to the brackets. The spacers are only going to be approximately 0.30" wide total.

I have already had to model and print a set for my existing dust boot (and they work just fine), so I just need to adjust the thickness of them and print them for this one. I have the magnets and 6-32 SHCS already (I’ll just cut the 7/8" long ones I have down to length after determining what that is), so they should be ready to go this evening.


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