3D printed clamps

I needed strong clamps for my T-Slot wasted board so I decided to print them using a Prusa Printer and particularly in their Orange coloured PETG. This makes them highly visible on the surface.

I’ll upload the STL files or Freecad files if anyone wants them.


Very clean looking prints. :+1: Seeing the T bolts, I wondered if you had considered incorporating the excellent surface cam clamps from UJK. They make really nice stuff at very reasonable costs.

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Thanks. I did look at those but really they’re intended to be used with Parf dog pegs and they wiggle too much around an M8 or M6 Bolt. Then Id have to produce a spacer to place around the bolt to hold them steady. I guess the choice is T-Slot or Pegs


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I understand the intended use of the clamps. My experience with them was that I needed to make a specific clamp to mill a 40mm cube face (alphabet cubes) and I had no way of holding the cube for milling. The machine I had at the time only had a 3 x 3 inch cutting area and the space between the X&Y rails was very limited. I used a 150 x 200 x 40mm block (the limits of available space and Z axis travel) and added my 20mm space for the cube and 2 of the cam clamps with holes drilled for 20mm to permit the 13mm deep clamps to be applied.

As ever, a picture is always helpful. This is looking down on the jig I had constructed from a 40mm thick piece of American Walnut Kitchen worktop and two UJK cam clamps with 20mm diameter parf dogs counter sunk 1mm to accommodate the dog chamfer.

N.B. I had placed the dogs upside down to show the UJK name. They actually sat flush with the 13mm clamp depth

Hi Jeff,

I hope you’re on a commission!

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Nah… I am happy to recommend anything that I find to be good value.


I agree. I started to buy UJK bits from Axminster after attending a course there. Their parts are consistent, look good, perform well and you can order additional parts without worrying about compatibility in looks and shapes.

I use their T slot rails all over my workroom so that all my clamps are portable. I created a wasteboard from UJK rails which are 917cm as standard meaning they’re perfect for the Shapeoko XXL without any cutting and allow for easy placement of clamps at each end.

I’ve also added a second drag chain assembley which is posted elsewhere, and a bit runner alternative posted on the site.

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Yes, agreed. They make nice stuff at very reasonable cost.

They look great. I only have the standard SO3 and very little room. I have a sea of holes MDF spoilboard with holes every 50mm and I use the gator clamps. My next upgrade is the baseboard which will be a sea of holes again for M6 screws across the whole dimension of the base. It will be made from cast aluminium around 12mm in thickness.

I could not find a reasonable way of fitting frag chain to my SO3. If it was ver an issue, I would use the products from: https://www.igus.co.uk/

These were super helpful people and would happily have booked me time with an engineer to see what I could do in my very small space. Not the cheapest but most likely one of the best. All German engineered as well. I was very impressed with their customer service and their technical help and I had not purchased anything at that point.

If you have these UJK cam clamps can you answer a question. They fit around the dogs and use their cam shape to lock a part in place but is it only friction that holds them in place. I made some cam clamps but mine have a bolt in the pivot point that I can tighten up and have never had one come loose. I can definitely see these a good clamps and accessories if you are using the Festool system but what holds the clamps in place besides friction?

I don’t use these clamps so I cant answer the question. Sorry

Hello Guy. Yes, the clamps are held by friction. The cam action is gentle and varies when measured by around 2mm when measured from the central hole with calipers. I positioned the clamps in the optimum postion for closed (to hold the cube) and drilled the holes for the dogs at that point.

The major difference between the clamps you have shown and these items is the hole placement. In the UJK item it is as near to central as makes no difference. Once tightened against the central dog, there is nowhere for the clamp to move to because it is held against the dog. The dogs do not move when placed in a snug receiving hole made using a highly accurate Forstner bit.

I confess to splashing out and treating myself to these excellent FIsch bits.
sotto voce: If @NewToThis thought £28 for a pencil was expensive, I would not want him to see these bits. :wink:

The final part of the equation is a small 20mm hole chamfering tool used to let the chamfer in to rest just at the surface of the wood. I will capture some more up to date images to see if I can demonstrate the fixing and possibly a short video to show how they move.

Nope, these do seem to be the biz - and I wouldn’t balk at paying that price for decent tools - just not a pencil! :thinking: :money_with_wings:

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A Rotring Quattro is the only pen/pencil I’ve lost since high school — twice now — sad that Rotring no longer makes them.

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Indeed. I like finding things that I have found are a good fit for me. I was happy to find the Rotring 2m lead version and hopefully it will not get thrown into the waste sack as I am clearing up. I really cannot abide working in chaos so I clean up everything as I am working.

That particular trait has created the opportunity for me to throw away a great tool (probably in a trash sack) which I would have preferred to keep. It was a thoughtful gift to me from the foreman at the engineering company where I first started work in a toolroom. I feel such a fool to have lost it… just an ordinary 4½" engineers square which had been well used. It was made by Browne and Sharpe and I have been unable to replace it.

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Not even a decent pencil? :grin: When the ability to travel is restored, we will have to hook up for a beer/coffee and I will bring that pencil to show you. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I watched a youtube.com video from the Wood Whisperer about making an outfeed table. The outfeed table had several drawers in it and the host commented that he would get comments from the youtube audience about him using Walnut for his drawer fronts. The host explained that he spent more time in his shop then he did sitting on the furniture in his home so we wanted things nice in the shop.


This is much like the pencil referenced. If you like it then get one, if you dont like it then dont. Many times I am very cheap about buying clothes. Most of my pants are bought for $10-12.00 and I buy a certain type of DIckies Tee shirts because I like them but only when they are on clearance. Yet two years ago I bought a $3000.00 SCM Bandsaw. Now I wear clothes every day but I only occasionally use the bandsaw. I chose to spend a lot on a bandsaw and little on clothes. My choice and I do not regret it. I occasionally splurge and buy myself something frivolous and enjoy it but what I think is frivolous another might think was a necessity. If a pencil even an expensive pencil is what you need to do what you perceive as valuable then go for it. If you are able to pick up a pencil off someones desk and think that is what you need that is ok as well. Enjoy your pencils, life is short.


I expect to see the first designs of wooden clothes very soon. :wink: Remember Guy, this idea is not going to fly without the pictures. :joy:

Surely good advice, which I will endeavour to follow. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll look forward to that! Let’s hope it’s not too long…

Really nice job. I would like the stl file please.

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Here you go…


cnc clamp - ramp.stl (3.2 KB) cnc clamp - body.stl (9.1 KB)

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