3d Printed electronics enclosure

Hey all,

One thing that I don’t like (and about the only thing) about my 3 is the electronics enclosure. Frankly it is not really fit for use because the cover doesn’t fit with all the cables and the Bitrunner connection sticks out. Does anyone know of a 3D printed version someone has designed? I can do it myself but I am hoping it was already done. The other option is if Carbide 3D would give me the drawing of the standard one?



I don’t have a bitrunner but agree that the enclosure is too small. This manifested itself when I added the bitsetter which required a small splitter PCB be placed in the already packed enclosure. My solution was to mount an auxiliary enclosure on the cover for the splitter PCB. I posted this little upgrade to Cutrocket.com - see this link.

PCB Enclosure


@Sinned shared one on thingiverse some time ago:

Thingiverse may have a few more