3D Printed V Wheels

So I had a dumb attack and broke four V Wheels . So I modeled some and 3D Printed them ! Been working great !


what material did you print these out of? Its hard to believe a printed part like that would work well in this application. I suppose for light cuts in wood they would be fine, but if you started to cut aluminum i would be more concerned.

Oh, c’mon, man. One doesn’t just say one broke four wheels without providing a howto.


They are printed out of pla at 75% infill . I expect them to last fine in aluminum and will be running some later this week . I will be switching them out for the polycarbonate ones eventually . The wheels broke when I mounted a polishing drum that I thought was rated at 20,000 rpm… turns out is was 2,800. It immediately went out of center and ripped the whole z stage right off the x gantry router and all ! Lesson learned.

insert cool-ade man in your spindle
Oooh! Yeah!

The printed rollers are round and smooth enough? Nice.

For my current projects they seem to be . Have not worried about checking with a dial gauge yet…

Please note that if you just need a few wheels, just contact us at support@carbide3d.com and we’ll work out how to get some to you.

That was exactly what I did . Although it was shop@carbide3d.com .The response I got informed me of the tune up kit as being my only option , so I found another source and ordered 20 .

Hey can supply the files to print the v wheel? I just unboxed mine and broke a wheel…

Added to thingiverse .