3d Printed work holder

Work in progress

I have been working on different versions, so far this one is working well

any suggestions for improvement


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Looks good. Those drywall screws are scary. Is that necessary? Could you just add a threaded insert at a 45 degree angle and use machine screws to apply side and downward pressure? Plus then you could machine all the way up to the holder without worrying about hitting those. Maybe that wouldn’t work for large stuff.

I tried to use a machine screw filled down to a point
didn’t work that great, a drywall screw works better it has a good sharp point.
just needs to go into the wood a little bit.

but i will try it at a 45 degree angle that is a good Idea

thanks steven

Look at the C3D work holding. The tiger claw or the gator tooth have the angled screw. They leave the screw flat on the end.

thanks will check them out

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