3d printing issues

This question is from my son and I figured we have more than few that are familiar with 3D printing.

Printer - Tronxy X5SA, V6 Board, new Marlin 2.0

After setting zero for Z the printer retracts the height approx. .5" at start of printing.
String issues with Z-Hop and filament retracting. Wall layers are incorrect thickness after setting using Cura.

This has occurred with various projects. Not knowing anything about 3D printing and just based on limited knowledge of CC I’m guessing programing or software issues.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

This would be a good start I think.
Stringing can be caused by filament that has absorbed moisture.

I would post this issue to the reddit.com/r/3dprinting subreddit. They are very helpful with issues.


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