3D ramp for bit tray

I wanted to replicate the cardboard tray that C3D supply the starter bit set in.
But I wasn’t sure how to create an indented right angles triangle in my stock (each one being a little angled pocket for a bit to lie in).

Can anyone advise?

Supplementary question would be whether one can create a tool path that follows the ramp down to make it a smooth.

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This sort of thing can be done via 3D modeling in Carbide Create’s Pro mode — could you post a picture or drawing of what you’re trying to achieve?

As an aside, you can also achieve this very simply in a 2D mode by cutting a rectangular pocket into stock that is tilted to the angle you want. Just clamp it down with something under one end of the stock.

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There are multiple ways to do this sort of thing, here’s how I’d approach it:

Begin by drawing a rectangle to model the stock to subtract from:

Draw a rectangle wider than it is tall and subtract it as a scaled Angle:

Repeat this for adding the steeper angle:

Draw in a shape to restore the excess which was cut away:

and add it back as an equal height:

Modeling the sides is left as an exercise for the reader — if you get stuck let us know and we’ll work it out.


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