3d rough empty tool path

3d roughing is showing empty tool path. The 3d finish toolpath seems to work. I’ve changed to an 1/8 endmill thinking maybe the bit was too big for the details. I’ve tried leaving most of the stock and still goes to 25% and then says empty. What am I doing wrong?
I couldn’t find another thread answering my question.
Ivy lid.c2d (406.6 KB)

I figured out my problem. My stock was still set too thin. I dont think I can delete this question.
thank you

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You could delete it, but this sort of question and answer is exactly why the forum is here — it would be great if you’d leave it here, since folks may well learn from it.

Ok, I’ll leave it. That explains why the 3d view was red. I didn’t realize that meant the component was above the stock.
You’re always quick to respond and helpful. Much appreciated.

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