3d text in design issues


First post here but have been visiting the forum for quite some time now. I’ve had my 3 xxl for several years and it’s been a love-hate relationship. Some days everything goes as planned and others are a disaster. Anyways, I can usually find what I need by searching but no luck on this one. I’m making a rowing oar and can’t figure out why the text, the logo and the pole transition look like an 8 bit pac-man ghost rather than a nice smooth contour around the edges. I’m using CC and CM with a .5mm diameter tapered end mill. Would appreciate some tips and advice on how to fix it. File attached.

rowing oar.c2d (3.1 MB)

Looks like you’re bumping up against limitations in Carbide Create’s previewing/optimizations:

Hopefully will cut well enough — try it in a piece of scrap?

It cut just like it rendered. Nothimg a little sanding can’t fix, but would be nice to correct it in the initial cut.
Correction on the end mill… 1mm diameter with .008 step over.

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