3D Toolpaths………

Is it necessary to separately 3D rough and finish each component within a project. Or can I do them all at once assuming I’m using the same bit for everything?

So long as the file won’t run for longer than you’re inclined to monitor the machine, yes.

It’s only a small project, and I’ve made a few prototype’s out of mdf. I seem to be losing detail by selecting every component at once. It adds about twice the amount of cut time by selecting components individually. Any ideas?

Would you mind going into more detail about what it is you are trying to do?

For example.
Are the components all in the same location on the stock as in one single carving having multiple components, or are they located in various areas of the stock, as in multiple 3d carvings in multiple locations of the stock.

Toolpaths for multiple selections should be the same as discrete — post the file?

Figured it out, I have multiple components for the some of the vectors. I had to sort everything into different layers and then add my toolpaths; otherwise it wouldn’t cut both of the components. For example I had some holes that I wanted to start at a certain depth and they also had to have an 82 degree chamfer. I’ve also noticed overlapping components don’t always come correctly unless you add 3d toolpaths for each component.